Audio Production Services

Yellow Frog Media offers a wide rnage of audio services including location recording, studio recording, musuc recording, voice-over and sound effects. We alo offer audio post-production services such as: editing/mixing, sound manipulation, sound effects design, format conversion, mastering and live mixing. Yellow Frog Media also offers music production services such as: composition, song arrangement, re-mixing and management.

  • Location
  • Studio
  • Music
  • Voice-over
  • Sound effects

  • Audio Post Production
  • Editing/Mixing
  • Sound manipulation
  • Audio restoration
  • Vocal tuning
  • Sound replacement
  • Sound effects design
  • Format conversion
  • Mastering
  • Live mixing
  • Music Production
  • Composition
  • Song arrangement
  • Re-mixing
  • Song production & management
  • To listen to some of our audio production projects visit our Gallery